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Wouldn’t it be great if choosing a health provider was as easy as choosing a restaurant, especially when you have little to no insurance coverage? Well that future is here. Ilekun Health is making it possible for you to get the procedures you need assured of the level of care and and pre-insurance costs.

About us

Ilekun Health is a technology company on a mission to empower people to make smarter decisions around their health with smart technology. We glean insight around provider quality, services offered, and pre-insurance price from a complex deluge of unstructured health data using artificial intelligence (AI). The insight we produce is easy to consume and publicly available to patients through our website which is backed by rich data from our API. This API is available for licensing by organizations such as insurers, employers, and health systems.

So how do we produce the rich insight? It all begins with terabytes of data from health claims, government sources, news outlets, and others on the web, representing tens of millions of nationwide provider-patient interactions. We then supplement the data gathered with our own which is specially formulated, created via our patent pending process.. This is where it gets interesting. Our advanced machine learning platform de-noises the ever growing data, discarding irrelevant information, leaving what is valid and accurate. The resulting repository is continuously analyzed using state of the art algorithms to generate a comprehensive provider profile with meaningful insights that provide a holistic picture of the quality of care and associated costs.

We are proud to be at the forefront of raising the bar for patient care.

How it works

Create an

Fill out some basic information and upload prior insurance claims so we know who you are and what updates will be useful to you.

Find a new

Type condition, specialty or provider name along with zip code into our search bar to get a list of provider recommendations ranked by quality metrics. Then filter on things like cost, languages, and gender.

Review your

Share your feedback to make the site even better the next time you search for a provider. Besides, we and the rest of the community value your feedback and providers cannot pay to have reviews removed or altered.

Access our

License our API to incorporate our data into your application. We consult with organizations such as insurers, employers, and health systems.

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